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Over 60 years in the marble industry
La storia di Litho Project
Famiglia Litho
from 1954

Our History

It was 1954 when Roberto, the head of the family, started his first job as a marble cutter and, together with his brothers, gave life to one of the first companies dealing with the natural stones cutting. 

Towards the end of the ’80s, one by one his three sons were born. 

Today his sons and son-in-law carry on this project, creating with competence and passion marble, stone and granite works. And now the experience gained over the years enriched by the arrival of a new generation.

50 anni di presenza

Fifty year presence of Litho in Verona

Lavorazioni innovative del marmo

Innovative processing with high-tech cuts and construction techniques

Contratti con produttori mondiali di pietre

Contracts with stone producers all over the world

Litho Project

Make your
wishes come true.


The passion, experience and continuous innovation of LITHO PROJECT makes it possible to evaluate the technical specifications of the materials for each single project.


The use and selection of suitable materials, the choice of different types of surfaces in relation to the uses, ensures durability.

Made in Italy

Litho Project is proud to work internally its own products, and to respect quality, safety and uniqueness of solution that can really define a product MADE IN ITALY.

Project Litho realizzazione marmo

From design to manufacturing

Litho Project takes care of everything you need for your new project. From the study and design with inspections all over the world, to the drafting of drawings and the choice of materials, to the choice of packaging designed according to the needs of the site and destination, to the treatment of installation and maintenance. We take care of everything. 

Piano cucina in marmo Litho Project
Progettazione marmo Litho project
Marmo verde in bagno