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Litho Bright

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Aesthetics and safety

Luminescent engravings in marble and stone composite materials

Litho Bright comes from the study of photoluminescent products applied to natural stones, with the aim of creating high aesthetic effects at low cost and in total safety. Litho Bright is suitable for gardens and urban furnishings, in places where it is possible to be charged with daylight; at night, in total darkness, it creates luminescent effects that can create visual effects of great aesthetic impact. It is suitable for those who want to create modern, classy gardens and sustainable and low maintenance visual or scenic effects with low environmental impact.
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Clean and renewable energy source

Harmless to the environment and humans

Maintains its characteristics over time

You can make objects of any material, shape and size photoluminescent

Water, fire or chemical shocks do not compromise its effectiveness over the years

Charges with any natural or artificial light source

A photoluminescent element has the special feature of "charging" itself with daylight, natural or artificial, releasing light in the dark.

This material recharges absorbing light, following a daily rhythm marked by light/darkness, during which the product is charged and then gradually releases energy in the form of sustainable and renewable light. In the absence of light, the photoluminescent material comes to life, creating new emotional and extremely functional spaces for safety and security.
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