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Some of our designs

Equatorial Guinea Project

This fantastic creation is one of our masterpieces. The choice of materials, the use of numerous fabrication techniques and the logistics were an exciting challenge to complete. A dream creation and an example of high customization.

Living Room - Private House

Marble knows how to make every home environment unique and exclusive, bringing brightness and elegance to every corner of the house. This Litho Project creation helped the owners feel the excitement of starting a new chapter of their life in a new home.

Bathroom - Private Villa

In this private villa, we created an entire bathroom in Azul Macaubas open stain. An exclusive workmanship that embellishes the environment, making enveloping even the most intimate corner of the house.

Kitchen - Private Villa

The environment of sharing par excellence. For the kitchen of this private villa we chose a realization in Verde Fantastico, which enhances the space and stimulates creativity and the joy of being together.